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I am honored to serve as a companion on your journey to

self-discovery, wholeness, and fulfillment. 


My Story

Approaching mid-life, I became intensely dissatisfied. I felt as though I was a prisoner in a life that I had created.  Changing things in the outer world only increased my hopelessness and uncertainty about myself and my future.  

Out of desperation, I sought help.   During our first session, my therapist told me that dreams can hold answers to our most pressing questions.  As fate would have it, I had a deeply disturbing dream the night before. I recounted the dream and it became the center of our work together. This simple and powerful dream contained within it the missing piece of a story that had shaped my identity since the age of three. 

Through dreams, I also started to explore the shadow- parts of my personality that I was unaware of but were making a big impact on my life and relationships. This deep inner work created feelings of wholeness, peace, and joy like I had never before experienced

I have a passion for helping others walk through the painful parts of life.  I believe that with the right support, the challenges we face have the potential to bring us wisdom and a greater connection to ourselves, others, and life itself. 


I received a Masters' degree in Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University. I hold an associate's license in Washington State.


I am trained in EMDR. I have years of dream analysis training and have completed training through the Jungian Analysis approach.

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