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Shadow Work


Everyone has personality traits, attitudes, and desires that they are unaware of.  The shadow is a term coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to describe the unconscious aspects of our psyche that are repressed or denied.  The shadow includes negative traits, impulses, and experiences. It also contains gifts and expressive parts of ourselves.

Shadow work is a process of self-exploration and self-discovery that involves bringing hidden, but very valuable parts of ourselves into awareness, and integrating them into our consciousness. As we engage in shadow we become bigger and more whole, and at the same time more humble and more accepting of ourselves and others.  


Self-acceptance and love

A greater sense of humor and the capacity to enjoy your shortcomings

Deeper compassion for the people who typically bother you

More confidence 

Improved relationships 

More creative capacity and inspiration 

Wisdom and self-assurance

Insight into your gifts, passions, and purpose

Relief from anxiety and depression

How it Works

Shadow work moves past symptom management, and into the territory of self-discovery.

Here's how we discover your shadow:

  1. Dream work:  Shadow figures often appear as upsetting and menacing in our dreams.

  2. Uncovering projection: When we deny parts of ourselves, we notice them and reject and judge them in others. We will explore the patterns of judgment and anger you feel toward others to discover shadow content. 

  3. Active imagination: We will explore techniques that allow you to have a dialogue with your shadow and deepen your self-awareness and understanding. 

  4. Exploring fantasies: It is easy to dismiss fantasy as childish and meaningless, but fantasies and daydreams provide us with insights into important and unexplored desires. 


Shadow work can feel scary and daunting at first. Before we start shadow work, it is important to first establish a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship.  It is best to wait until you are feeling stable, strong, and confident before exploring the shadow too deeply.

Feeling Intimidated?

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